8. - 11. November
InterAGRO 2016

InterAGRO 2016

International Agro Industrial Show
Date: 8. - 11. November 2016
Venue: Ukraine / Kiev
Registration Deadline: 05.08.2016

Exhibition and Market

The market

The Ukrainian market for agricultural machinery provides excellent business opportunities for machinery imports. With imports reaching up to 50%, the past few years saw a tremendous increase. German manufacturers beneted a lot from the rise in investments of Ukrainian agrarian holdings and farmers in modern technology as the larger more diversied farms still show a relatively low degree of mechanization meeting only 20% of EU-standards.

The exhibition

InterAGRO Complex is the annual meeting point of agriculture in ukraine for leading investors and farmers. In 2015, 14,000 visitors came to the fair to meet 341 exhibitors, among them 50 international companies from 11 countries. Traditionally, they meet on renowned manufacturers of agricultural machinery showing their latest state-of-the-art technology of the leading national and international manufacturers with the focus on going easy on resources. This year InterAGRO Complex will focus on issues of increasing economic efficiency of agribusiness by means of introducing innovative agrarian technologies, deep processing of agricultural products and improvement of agribusiness infrastructure as well.


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Main Industries

Agricultural Technology

Main Topics

Machinery and equipment for soil working and seed-bed preparation • Harvesting machinery • Plant breeding • Plant protection and fertilisers • Grain processing and milling • Irrigation • Storage and transport